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Our Schools

Mission: Our students will be prepared for and eager to accept the academic, occupational, personal, and practical challenges of life in a dynamic global environment.

When they were built

(Major remodel dates are in parentheses)

1952 Clark  (1997)
1955 Issaquah Middle  (1999)
1959 Sunset  (2003)
1962 Issaquah High-current site  (2008-2010)
1962 Sunny Hills  (1995)
1963 Briarwood  (1996)
1969 Issaquah Valley  (1996)
1969 Maple Hills  (1997)
1969 Maywood Middle  (1997)
1970 Apollo  (1995)
1974 Pine Lake Middle  (1998)
1975 Liberty High  (1998)
1988 Challenger
1991 Discovery
1991 Tiger Mountain
1992 Cougar Ridge
1994 Beaver Lake Middle
1996 Endeavour
1997 Skyline High  (2008-2010)
2001 Cascade Ridge
2004 Newcastle
2005 Pacific Cascade
2006 Grand Ridge
2010 Creekside
2016 Gibson Ek

Just 15 years ago, 8,644 students attended 13 schools in the District. Today, over 21,000 students build their futures in 24 schools.

Drawn by the allure of a beautiful region in which to live and a school district with a reputation for quality education, hundreds of new families have made this region their home.

Because community and business have supported construction bonds, students today have modern and well-equipped schools and high quality teachers (more than half of Issaquah School District teachers have advanced degrees).

Schools in the District today were originally built in their current locations during the years listed to the right. Community support of construction bonds and capital levies has made additions and remodels possible.

Echo Glen Children's Center is a Washington state juvenile detention facility. It houses young offenders while they serve their sentences. At Echo Glen School, the Issaquah School District partners with the state to ensure that they have an opportunity for quality education while at the Children's Center.

Echo Glen's innovative programs to foster student responsibility include a canine training program, and Caring through Sharing involvement.