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Rocketry Team

Skyline Rocketry Club Qualifies for National Fly-Offs

Posted by User Not Found on 12 May, 2016

Congratulations to the Skyline High School Rocketry Club who recently qualified a team for the National Fly-Offs competition as part of the Team America Rocketry Challenge. To qualify for the challenge, a team must have a rocket launch that most closely met the goals of this year’s competition. The competition asked student teams to launch a rocket, containing two raw eggs, to exactly 850 feet in altitude and safely land the rocket, without breaking the eggs, in a total flight time between 44 and 46 seconds. Of the 800 high school teams that vied for a spot at the national competition, Skyline will be one of 100 teams that qualified. This year’s team of 8 students, who represent all 4 grade levels, will travel to the Washington, DC, area for the national competition in mid-May. Pictured from left to Right: Amogh Karanth (9), Matt Morgan (9), Eric Xiang (9), Avi Rajvanshi (11), Sam Young (10), Dyuthi Nair (9). Not pictured, but on the qualifying team, Lara Hakam (12).