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Liberty History Day Club Dives into Explorations, Encounters, and Exchanges in History

Posted by User Not Found on 6 May, 2016

Congratulations to the thirteen Liberty High School students who qualified for the state History Day contest by winning first through third places with their history projects at the regional competition. Each year, History Day Club students select their own topics to research based on an annual theme. This year’s competition theme was "Exploration, Encounters, and Exchanges in History." After months of research, students created group or individual projects in one of the following categories: historical paper, documentary, website, performance or exhibit. Congratulations to the following students for their success at the regional contest:

Helen Le: Establishing Europe from the African Holocaust: How the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Shaped the World (individual exhibit)

Harkirin Singh: Continuing the Pahlavi Dynasty and Modernizing an Unwilling Nation: How Shah Mohammad Pahlavi's Exploration of Western Ideals and Iran's Encounter with the Cultural Exchange Sparked the 1979 Iranian Revolution (paper)

Dhamanpreet Kaur: The Milgram Obedience Experiment (individual website)

Lorrin Johnson, Issabelle Hayden, and Vincy Fok: American Indians Regain Fishing Rights in the Pacific Northwest (group exhibit) 

Lauren Hepp and Carlyn Schmidgall: Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution: Exploring the Encounters Between Science and Religion (group website)

Katrina Filer and Madison Prather: Paul of Tarsus (group exhibit) 

Betsy Faris, Siri Bhatt, and Nicole D'Ettore: The New York Stock Exchange: Big Board, Where Money Is Power (group exhibit)