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Windows License Expiring Advisory - Student Laptops

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on January 05, 2021

Windows License Expiring GraphicStudents that have checked out a District laptop for home use may see the following message about their Windows license expiring. To re-activate the Windows license, it will be necessary to visit a school parking lot, log on to the district wireless network, and perform the procedure outlined here:

Running a GPUpdate

Before running a gpupdate – please make sure your computer is connected to the school district wifi.

Connecting to ISD-Secure Wifi

You must be in a school district parking lot or near the school building in order to connect to the wifi. Schools with Wifi available outside are:

Elementary Schools


Middle Schools

High Schools


Turn on laptop and log into the computer

Click the wifi icon

Wifi Logos

Select isd-secured

Click Connect

*Note: Once you click Connect it will take a few seconds and then connect to the network. It will say “Connected, secured” underneath the wifi name once it is connected.

If it doesn’t connect – try restarting the computer and connecting to isd-secured wifi again.

isd-secured network


Running GP Update

Click on the Windows icon

Type cmd

Click on Command Prompt 

Command Prompt 

Type gpupdate /force

Hit “Enter”

*It will take a few minutes to complete


Once it says it has been completed (as shown in picture)

*Note: If it fails – restart the computer and go through the steps one more time. If it continues to fail, please call the school and ask for the Technology Specialist.


Close Window

Restart Computer

Update complete


You are done!