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ISD Congratulates 2018 National Board Certified Teachers

Posted by Devin Felix on December 17, 2018

Another 25 Issaquah School District educators have shown they’re among the country’s best by becoming National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) in 2018. Meanwhile, 16 more ISD teachers have renewed their National Board Certification. The district now has 190 NBCTs.

National Board Certification is an advanced credential educators can earn in addition to their teaching license. It requires them to demonstrate advanced knowledge in their subject area, a deep understanding of students, and advanced skill in their teaching practice.

Learn about each of Issaquah’s National Board Certified Teachers on ISD’s National Board Certified Teacher page. The district will continue to update educator profiles on the page in the coming weeks.

Michelle Larson, a new National Board Certified third-grade teacher at Sunset Elementary, said she appreciated that the certification process gave her an opportunity to consider her teaching closely and focus in particular on student engagement. 
“If you’re interested in getting better at what you do, it’s a good way to do that,” Larson said. “Education is always changing and growing, and we need to be able to change and grow too.”

Holly Cornelison Hopla, a district curriculum specialist in English Language Arts, said the certification process helped her develop a deeper knowledge of her students.
“If teachers don’t push themselves to be open to change and growth, they’ll never really understand what their students need,” she said. “This process pushed my thinking further in terms of what it means to really know your students.”

The certification process includes four parts:

  1. An assessment of the teacher’s content knowledge.
  2. A portfolio showing work students have done and the teacher’s feedback to the student.
  3. Two videos of the teacher in the classroom, showing lessons taught and the interaction with and among students.
  4. A portfolio of “reflective” work: what the teacher does outside the classroom that translates in the classroom

The newly certified teachers are:

  • Amy Alexander, Maywood Middle School
  • Shannon Anthony, Issaquah High
  • Laura Biller, Creekside Elementary
  • Sandra Chapman, Issaquah Valley Elementary
  • Holly Cornelison Hopla, Administration Building 
  • Cami Cress, Sunset Elementary 
  • David Dingler, Liberty High School
  • Stephanie Erickson, Cougar Ridge Elementary
  • Laura Garsson, Pine Lake Middle School
  • Ellen Hayes, Issaquah High School
  • Allison King, Grand Ridge Elementary and Creekside Elementary
  • Kristina Klein, Pine Lake Middle School
  • Michelle Larson, Sunset Elementary
  • Emily Melograna, Grand Ridge Elementary
  • Laura Meserole, Pacific Crest Middle School
  • Toni Osotio, Cascade Ridge
  • Kevin Proudfoot, Challenger Elementary
  • Rachel Rowland, Gibson Ek High School
  • Angela Schubbe, Cascade Ridge Elementary
  • Dylan Sedlack, ACT and Gibson Ek High
  • Jessica Stephens, Creekside Elementary
  • Alexander Stevens, Issaquah High School
  • Sarah Sundt, Beaver Lake Middle School
  • H.B. Telling, Skyline High School
  • Katelyn Wilson, Endeavor Elementary

The teachers who have renewed their certification:

  • Vale Baxter, Issaquah High School
  • Laura Berry, Newcastle Elementary
  • Marla Crouch, Maywood Middle
  • Keri Dean, Issaquah High School
  • Arika Dickens, Sunset Elementary
  • Caroline Freidenfelt, Pacific Cascade Middle School
  • Shannon Henderson, Issaquah High School
  • Julie Howard, Newcastle Elementary
  • Jill Klune, Administration Building
  • Christopher May, Maywood Middle School
  • Kim Ralph, Endeavor Elementary
  • Karen Sunmark, Maywood Middle School
  • Ann Swiftney, Administration Building
  • Cristina Uramis, Issaquah High School
  • Stephanie Wright, Grand Ridge Elementary
  • Reyna Yamamoto, Discovery Elementary

The Issaquah School District congratulates and commends each of these educators for their commitment to the teaching profession and hard work on behalf of the students they serve. 

For more information on ISD’s National Board Certified Teachers, visit ISD’s National Board Certified Teacher page.