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School Board Approves New 7 Period Modified Block Schedule for Issaquah and Skyline High Schools Liberty High School to Retain Current Schedule With Planned Move to New Schedule in 2022

Posted by L Michelle on December 13, 2018

At the December 12, 2018 School Board Meeting, the Issaquah School Board voted to approve Superintendent Thiele’s proposal to move Issaquah and Skyline High Schools, as well as the District’s new fourth comprehensive high school slated to open in 2022, to a new “7 Period Modified Block Schedule with Flex Time Option” beginning next school year. This is the schedule recommended by the 2018 High School Schedule Committee. Liberty High School will retain its 8 period schedule with a planned move to the above referenced 7 period schedule no later than fall of 2022.

In his recommendation to the board, Superintendent Thiele stressed that the most important element to student success is the quality of instruction in the classroom. With that said, he acknowledged that while there is no perfect schedule, the traditional six period schedule currently in place at Issaquah and Skyline High Schools is problematic in that it offers only 24 credit opportunities over four years, which is the state graduation requirement known as CORE 24. This leaves little room in the schedule for acceleration, exploration, or remediation. Liberty High School has been on an 8 period block schedule that does not have the same issues of lacking opportunities for acceleration, exploration, and remediation that the 6 period schedule has. However, the 8 period block schedule does have shortcomings, noted Thiele.

Thiele thanked the High School Schedule Committee for their work. He also acknowledged the parents, students, and community members who provided feedback on the schedule as well as legislators and local voters for increased funding allowing the District to address this issue. For more information, please read the Superintendent’s full recommendation posted on the High School Schedule Committee web page.