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Issaquah School Board Adopts New District Equity Policy

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on June 29, 2018

Issaquah, WA—The Issaquah School Board adopted a new District Equity Policy at the June 27, 2018 school board meeting. The new policy, known as Executive Limitation-16 or EL-16, was officially adopted after a thorough process that involved drafting policy language and refining it based on community feedback. In addition to considering the public input given in person at board meetings, the board received numerous emails. However, to ensure that all stakeholders had an opportunity to provide input, the board also interviewed students and held two well attended community meetings to specifically focus on receiving input and thoughts on the policy language.

Board President, Anne Moore stated, “The foundation of the equity policy is our belief that each student has the potential to achieve and our goal is to remove barriers to that achievement. We believe in an environment and culture that respects the diversity in our community.”

With the official adoption of the policy, Superintendent Thiele and ISD administrators will develop an “interpretation” of the policy to present to the board for approval in October of 2018. The interpretation will include specifics regarding how the District will implement and monitor adherence to the policy. Please visit the ISD’s Equity Page for more information, including a video by the school board explaining what equity means to them and why this work is so important for the success of all students in the Issaquah School District.