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Issaquah School District Recognized as a Sustaining Green School District

Posted by Elizabeth Egan on June 12, 2018

The Issaquah School District is proud to have been recognized by the King County Green Schools Program as a Sustaining Green School District for our waste reduction and recycling and energy and water conservation practices. 

Eighteen of our 24 schools also received recognition this year as Sustaining Green Schools.  All ISD schools participate in the King County Green Schools Program and have been recognized as Level One Green Schools for effective waste reduction and recycling practices. Twenty-two schools have been recognized as Level Two Green Schools for their energy conservation education and practices, and 20 schools as Level Three Green Schools for their water conservation education and practices!

King County also recognized the numerous initiatives that student and staff  “Green Teams” have initiated district wide, including share tables for unopened items students did not want and could share. The Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank provided a weekly collection of items not taken by students and since the launch of the program in 2017, the food bank has collected 7,800 pounds of milk, fruit, yogurt and other items.

Additionally, at 13 elementary schools, the switch has been made from disposable utensils to durable, reusable utensils over the past two years, reducing the District’s disposal utensil purchases by half (about 300,000 disposable utensils!) 

The District uses software, called Utility Manager, to track monthly utility billing and data for energy, domestic water, irrigated water, storm water, solid waste, recycling, and composting of food scraps. The district’s efforts have resulted in a 49% recycling rate for the district. More than 7,500 cubic yards of recycled materials and 1,800 cubic yards of food scraps are collected each year, reducing the district’s garbage volume by 7,400 cubic yards annually. Since 2001, domestic water usage has been reduced by 40.4%, 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide from energy usage has been prevented from entering the atmosphere, and energy consumption has decreased by 7.6% even as the district’s building square footage has increased by almost 30%!

For more information on the King County Green Schools Program and its recent recognitions, please visit the King County Green Schools website.