Curriculum Night Video

The Curriculum night video was shown to families who were able to attend our September 2018 Curriculum Night on campus.  This video was created to help families familiarize themselves with our IMS community including roles of staff, PTSA, ISF, and our many programs at IMS.  Please take a moment to watch and reach out to us with any questions you have.  


Behavior Expectation Videos

The behavior expectation video above was created to help teach and support expectations for students when they are at IMS.  It details “The IMS Way” in various areas and situations around the school to help support positive behaviors around campus.  Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this video, including our many student volunteers.  Go Panthers!   

Preview image for IMS Curriculum Night 2018 2019 08:34
IMS Curriculum Night 2018 2019 Description Posted October 24, 2018
Preview image for IMS Student Expectations 08:50
IMS Student Expectations Description Posted October 24, 2018

The IMS Way

ExpectationSchool WideHallwaysCommons/Lunch RoomCourtyardLibraryAssembliesOfficeRestrooms
Be Safe
  • Walk
  • Keep eyes forward when walking
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • Stay on campus "Bell to Bell"
  • Keep self/property from crossing railing
  • Walk directly to your destination
  • Stay to the right when walking
  • Move carefully and patiently on stairways
  • Walk
  • Keep hands, feet, food, utensils and other items to self
  • Follow directions from all adults
  • Remain in lunch areas until released by an adult
  • Do not crowd at exit
  • Walk
  • Use equipment appropriately
  • Walk
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • Use technology appropriately
  • Sit in seat safely
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • Enter and exit in a calm and orderly manner
  • Walk
  • Follow directions from the staff
  • Stay in the student area
  • Report problems to staff immediately
  • Wash your hands
Be Respectful
and Kind
  • Respect school/personal property
  • Use appropriate language
  • Observe “No Gum” rule
  • Respect people’s property
  • Use an inside voice
  • Use appropriate and positive language
  • Use an inside voice
  • Maintain position in line
  • Keep eating area clean
  • Use appropriate and positive language
  • Listen to the adults
  • Follow rules of games
  • Problem solve
  • Show sportsmanship
  • Use a quiet voice
  • Help others find books and resources
  • Listen to TAs
  • Listen to all adults
  • Offer to help staff and peers
  • Listen attentively to speaker
  • Use applause appropriately (volume/length)
  • Respect “personal space” of others
  • Be patient
  • Use an inside voice
  • Listen to all adults
  • Keep social talking out of bathroom
  • Respect privacy
Be Responsible
  • Cell phones off and away "Bell to Bell"
  • Headphones in locker
  • Be on time
  • Follow dress code
  • Leave bag in locker
  • Follow “10-and-10” rules for leaving class
  • If it's during class, carry a pass
  • Return trays to kitchen
  • Clean up food and trash
  • Dispose of items in the correct places
  • Food and drink in commons only
  • Return trays and other equipment
  • Clean up food and trash
  • Dispose of items in the correct places
  • Push in your chair when you leave
  • Use book cart to reshelf books
  • Read the open/close sign
  • Maintain an academic focus
  • Use computers for academic use only
  • Voice off when someone is talking
  • Stay with your teacher
  • Follow all directions
  • Unless in an emergency, request an
    appointment and bring your pass
    when you are called to the office
  • Wait for appointments in class,
    not in the office
  • Use bathroom in appropriate
    and timely manner
  • Flush
  • Keep things clean