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Dear students and families,

The district recently announced the plan for snow make up days. We are adding 6 days to the end of the year. This means last day of school is now Thursday, June 27th

We know that this unique snow storm and the added make up days have presented numerous challenges for families and our staff. One of those challenges includes students and staff trying to plan ahead for final exams because of prearranged travel during our added days. 

Before we get into the gritty details, I want everyone to know that we plan to use common sense measures to support the needs of all students and staff this coming June.

The final exam schedule for Issaquah High School is attached. The finals schedule is posted on our website. Finals will take place for all 9th, 10th and 11th graders on the following dates:

  • June 24th              1st and 2nd period finals
  • June 25th              3rd and 4th period finals
  • June 26th              5th and 6th period finals

Students who have prearranged travel will need to take necessary steps to take their finals exams early.

The student steps are as follows:

  • Complete a request for early final exams form found here 
  • Turn the completed form into the office no later than June 1st 
  • Make arrangements with each teacher to establish the date and time to take the final exam early
  • Take reasonable measures and use time management skills to prepare for their exams in advance of the outlined finals schedule

Teachers who have approved prearranged travel (weddings, conferences, etc.) will take necessary steps to give their finals exams early.

The teacher steps are as follows:

  • Communicate with students by June 1st their timeline for administering finals early.
  • Take reasonable measures to adequately prepare students to take exams early. Some examples include but are not limited to: providing the study guide early,  providing options to help students prepare on Wednesday mornings, posting additional study resources on their websites, offering finals prep during Nest time, and more. 

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we try to be reasonable problem solvers who need to remain committed to utilizing all of the instructional hours we have with students. 


Andrea McCormick


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