Emergency Computer Check Out

During school closures, K-12 students who do not have a computer at home may check a laptop from the school district. 


Parents interested in checking out a laptop, please complete this form The form will ask for your contact information, your student's name, student ID number, grade level and school. The form must be completed for each student for whom you wish to request a laptop.

Parents and/or guardians will then be contacted to arrange when and where to pick up laptops. Parents or guardians will be asked to sign a form taking responsibility for the laptop. A copy of the form will be provided when you pick up the laptop. 

If you are unable to access the form, please feel free to reach out to one of our staff members below who will be happy to process your request. In addition to English, staff members are available to take your call in the language indicated. Calling multiple people will slow down the process.


Patty Miller (English)


Text/Voice: 971-260-6473

Francisca Mejia Campos (Español)

Office: 425-837-7141
Text: 978-400-2516

Ina Ghangurde

Office: 425-837-7008
Text: 252-563-3498

Wenli Mithal (中文)

Office: 425-837-7106
Text: 978-252-3686


Technical Difficulties?

If your student is having trouble logging in to their ISD laptop for the first time, confirm you are using the correct username and password. The laptops were configured specifically for the student.

Having other technical difficulties with an ISD laptop? Call 425-837-6371

This page was last updated at 9:22 AM on Monday, May 18, 2020.