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Starting in the 2018-2019 school year thanks to the voter approved February 2018 Levy, all schools in the Issaquah School District will have a designated School Based Health Counselor. This program, previously available at all four high schools and Issaquah Middle School, was established to meet the mental health needs of students in a nurturing environment. Moving forward, the hope is to foster the well-being of all students in the Issaquah School District so students are safe, healthy, and ready to learn.

Why School Based Mental Health?

Studies show that school based mental health programs help to eliminate barriers to accessing traditional mental-health services for students. Students who utilize School Based Health Centers can have fewer discipline problems, course failures and school absences.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What services to the counselors offer? 

Confidential counseling and skill-building on many topics, including: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Relationship problems
  • Family concerns
  • Grief and loss
  • Access to community resources

Referrals for other community resources are available as well if needed.

Who are the counselors? 

All of our school based health counselors have prior experience in mental health assessment and counseling. Counselors have access to other professionals for consultations, such as child psychologists or psychiatrists. 

Who can see a School-Based Health Counselor? 

Any student in the Issaquah School District can be referred to a School-Based Health Counselor. The staff will prioritize students with the highest need. Students in crisis, who do not have access to mental-health services elsewhere due to insurance, family, or transportation barriers will be high priority.

Do students need parent permission for the counseling?

For students 13 years and older - No, parent permission is not required. Adolescents can seek mental-health care without parental consent in Washington state. 

For students under 13 years of age - Yes, parent permission is required.

How are parents involved? 

The service is designed for students. However, parents play an integral role in supporting their student's emotional health and involvement in school-based health counseling is encouraged. The School-Based Health Counselor can provide referrals for family counseling as necessary. This should be managed in an outpatient setting. 

Can I refer a student? 

Referrals are accepted from anyone who has a concern about a student, and can be made by contacting  your student's academic counselor or counseling center. The School-Based Health Counselor assigned to your student's school will reach out to the referred individual about the concerns. However, the service is voluntary and students are not required to utilize these services.

Counselors are bound by HIPAA laws and will not divulge any confidential information without students (13 years and older) or parent/guardian (12 years and under) written consent. In the event we feel a student is at serious risk for harming themselves or others, or in a case of child abuse or neglect, school staff, parents and authorities, as appropriate, will be involved. 

Is counseling available in the summer?

No. The School-Based Health Counselors follow the Issaquah School District's calendar. Counselors will recommend transitions to other resources during the summer months as appropriate. 

How are School-Based Health Counselors funded?

The School-Based Health Counselors are contracted by the Issaquah School District funded by the 2018 Levy. Management of staff and continued education is provided by Swedish. 

About the Providers

Swedish Medical Center - Issaquah

Swedish is one of the largest providers of health-care services in the region. Swedish is invested in the health of the Issaquah School District community and very excited about this opportunity to partner with the District. More information about Swedish.

School-Based Mental Health Counselors - Contact Us



Consult: Cascade Ridge, Cougar Ridge

Christina Sand



Consult: Apollo, Discovery, Sunny Hills

Hillary Grabner

425-837-7611 (Challenger)

425-837-5651 (Sunset)

Endeavour/Maple Hills

Consult: Creekside

Angela Williams

425-837-7375 (Endeavour)

425-837-5105 (Maple Hills)

Issaquah Valley

Consult: Briarwood, Grand Ridge, Newcastle

Jen Cruze



Middle School

Beaver Lake Middle School

Megan Choitz 425-837-4104

Issaquah Middle School

Katherine Lincicum 425-837-6873

Maywood Middle School

Hillary Jones 425-837-6982

Pacific Cascade Middle School

Laura Greening 425-837-5909

Pine Lake Middle School

Rosie Bancroft 425-837-5749

High School

Gibson Ek High School

Julie Schliebner 425-837-6367

Issaquah HighSchool

Sara Torelli 425-837-6367

Liberty High School

Hillary Cohen 425-837-6034

Skyline High School

Summer Igaz 425-837-7863

Contact Your Student’s School Counselor


Apollo Elementary

Cathy Gilbert

Briarwood Elementary

Belma Martin

Cascade Ridge Elementary

Janelle Woffinden

Challenger Elementary

Mykela Fantone

Clark Elementary

Marissa Ballard

Cougar Ridge Elementary

Lisa Cordier

Creekside Elementary

Aysha Rafiq

Discovery Elementary

Denise Darnell

Endeavour Elementary

Hillary Harris

Grand Ridge Elementary

Judith Fernstrom

Issaquah Valley Elementary

Anne Taylor

Maple Hills Elementary

Amber Bryant

Newcastle Elementary

Kailey Mutter

Sunny Hills Elementary

Celina Schulenberg

Sunset Elementary

Lynsey Burge

Middle School

Beaver Lake Middle School

Rashi Eisenberg (A-H) 425-837-4161
Rachel Auffant (I-P) 425-837-4163
Katie Antes-Tadros (Q-Z) 425-837-4162

Issaquah Middle School

AnnaMaria Austin (A-G) 425-837-6816
Kalie Dotson (H-N) 425-837-6820
Oracio Valdez (O-Z) 425-837-6815

Maywood Middle School

Nicole Kellar (A-Hi) 425-837-6916
Kristin Beasley (Hj-Pe) 425-837-6908
Carly Nelson (Pf-Z) 425-837-6915

Pacific Cascade Middle School

Miranda Williams (6th Grade) 425-837-5915
Laura Meserole (7th Grade) 425-837-5914
Jessica Morrison (8th Grade) 425-837-5926

Pine Lake Middle School

Kristen Brittain (A-Ho) 425-837-5713
Kirsi Varsa (Hp-Pa) 425-837-5700
Meagan Elliot (Pb-Z) 425-837-5712

High School

Gibson Ek High School

Shawn Mulanix 425-837-6354

Issaquah High School

Alan Waite (A-Ci) 425-837-6139
Emily Combellick (Cj-Ham) 425-837-6041
Christian McKone (Han-La) 425-837-6078
Jennifer Martinson (Lb-Ol) 425-837-6042
Amber Claussen (Om-Sta) 425-837-6146
Jennifer Schwarz (Ste-Z) 425-837-6144

Liberty High School

Laurel Shane (A-Es) 425-837-4868
Vicki Kenney (Et-Li) 425-837-4867
April Flores (Lj-Ri) 425-837-4827
Robin Klym (Rj-Z) 425-837-4869

Skyline High School

Tiffany Stephens (A-Coa) 425-837-7913
Todd Caffey (Cob-Hes) 425-837-7868
Megan Laedtke (Het-Lop) 425-837-7854
Stephanie Anderson (Loq-Pld) 425-837-7861
Deborah Walters (Ple-Str) 425-837-7733
Kristen Flemer (Sts-Z) 425-837-7862