Land Acquisition

The 2016 Bond provided funding  to purchase sites for 2 new elementary schools, a new middle school and a new comprehensive high school.

All new schools must be built within the urban area.  The Urban Growth Boundary Line has been drawn tightly around the existing developed area. Sites large enough to site schools including playfields and/or football/soccer/lacrosse fields and tracks and baseball/softball fields are very scarce. Developed land is also highly sought-after by housing developers.

In addition to adequate size, the District’s first choice is to locate schools as close to the area they serve as possible. Safe access, bus routes and attendance areas are also important considerations.

Finding potential sites is challenging. There are no 5-20 acre parcels posted with For Sale signs. The District has searched high and low to identify sites that could potentially be used for a new school.

Assembling a site large enough for a school often requires purchasing a number of adjacent properties. This makes the acquisition process more difficult and can take a long time. While Eminent Domain is a process that offers sellers some advantages, it is viewed as a process of last resort.

Photo: Sunny Hills Elementary School Site - October 2016

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