High School Remote Learning

High School Remote Learning Resources

This page will be periodically updated with more information about Essential Learnings and High School curriculum during remote learning.

Information on Canvas, our learning management system, or LMS, is available at Canvas Information and Login.

For information on high school schedules, click here

    Modified Scope & Sequence and Essential Learnings [Under Construction]

    Course Scopes and Essential Learnings have been modified for remote learning to focus on standards that drive learning and ensure students are prepared for their next steps in learning and career choices.  Modified course requirements were carefully selected and will be monitored and adjusted as needed.  All courses continue to meet state credit requirement, prepare students to meet graduation requirements and are aligned to our ISD Mission.  Modified Scope and Sequences are provided on this site only for ISD District-Wide courses. 

    Click Here for HS Math Essential Learning Information

    Click Here for HS Science Essential Learning Information

    Click Here for HS Social Studies Essential Learning Information


    How Are College and Universities Responding?

    In the face of COVID-19, Washington’s colleges and universities are being flexible about course requirements, test scores, deadlines, and more. Contact admissions offices directly if you have special circumstances or questions about how to meet requirements and deadlines during COVID-19.

    • Some colleges are modifying admissions requirements:
      • Many colleges have extended the deadline to officially decide where you plan to enroll. Many have also extended the deadline to make deposits.
      • Some campuses have gone test-optional, meaning you do not have to submit scores from standardized tests like SAT and ACT.
    • If someone in your family has lost a job or is working less, colleges may be able to provide more financial aid:
      • If you’ve already filed a 2020-21 FAFSA or WASFA, talk to the financial aid office about your situation.
      • If you haven’t applied for financial aid, it’s not too late. Submit your application, then follow up with the college.
    • Many colleges are offering virtual campus tours you can do online from home.
    • Remember, it’s not too late to apply! Many of Washington’s four-year public and private, not-for-profit colleges and universities are still accepting applications for fall 2020.

    Digital tools

    Every student in Issaquah School District has access to online digital tools. For our secondary students, they can access many of these tools through ClassLink. For more information about the tools, please refer to the list below. The use of these tools may be relative to teacher use and grade-level. 

    Digital Tool Purpose Who has access Student Login Information

    ClassLink is a tool that provides secondary students and staff with easy access to a variety of tools and tech resources available to them. It is also a password locker making logging in easier!

    Learn more

    Resetting stored password

    6-12 students

    Username: ISD Computer username (first 4 of last name, first 3 of first name, grade year e.g. LastFir25)

    Password:Student ID#

    Actively Learn Actively Learn is an e-reading platform that improves students' reading comprehension and retention by empowering teachers to reach students inside a text. Teachers can customize instruction, provide real-time feedback, allow peers to collaborate, and get analytics on student performance. 6-12 (teachers who have created online classes may have content available) Canvas
    BrainPop Brain Pop allows teachers to assign differentiated activities to students and monitor their progress. Activities include Make-a-Map, Make-a-Movie, Challenge, games, videos and more. It encourages independent learning. 6-8 students Canvas
    Office 365, Teams and student email

    Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription-based service that gives users access to the familiar, desktop office applications through the web browser and access to its cloud storage solution.

    More Information


    Outlook (student email):

    Use this Wakelet to learn more about Office 365 and Teams. Includes how-to videos and other resources. 

    6-12 students Classlink

    or directly from Office.com
    Username: school email (username@issaquah.wednet.edu)
    Password:Student ID#

    Seesaw Seesaw gives students creative tools to capture and reflect on their learning – in real-time. It’s easy to use and makes it simple to collect student work in one place and share with families 6-12 if used by teacher As defined by classroom teacher
    Canvas A Learning Management System (LMS) used to facilitate teaching and learning throughout the district. 6-12 students

    Username is computer login
    Password is Student ID# + ISD


    Classlink - Classlink will save your username and password for future use.

    Discovery Ed Discovery Education offers an online curriculum with a variety of supplemental texts, multimedia content, lesson plans and PD for teachers. 6-12 students Classlink
    Username is the computer login
    Password: issaquah
    Online Textbooks Online textbooks are available for a variety of content and curriculum. 6-12 students

    Classlink or Canvas as directed by your teacher

    TurnItIn (school-based) Turnitin allows for paper submissions and acts as a plagiarism check. Teachers can use more advanced options for grading, feedback, and student collaboration. 6-12 students based on school subscription and teacher use Canvas or as directed by your teacher
    King County Library Systems Access to all of KCLS online information and tools. K-12 User Name: 4 1 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    (7 digit ASB card number)
    PIN/Passcode: _ _ _ _
    (Last 4 digits of ASB card number)
    Skyward/Family Access Family Access gives parents and students on-line access to student information, including test scores, attendance, class schedules, and immunization records. Parents can verify on-line that the emergency contact information on each student is correct. More information is available here. K-12 and parents Students: School username and password
    Parents: District provided username and password you chose.
    Common Sense Media A resource for teachers and families on educational apps, movies, music, video games and other digital content.
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