Highly Capable Program Updates

In addition to the September referral window, the District will conduct three other testing cycles during the year. This year, parts of the process will be adjusted due to the fully remote nature of school and the fluctuating transmission rates of the COVID19 virus. Here are updates about each of those testing cycles:

  • Universal Screening of all Kindergarten StudentsScreening and testing of kindergarten students will be postponed until winter or spring and may include necessary adjustments to feasibly test students and to maintain safety per Washington State Department of Health guidelines for K-12 schools. Guidance from OSPI will be followed and communication will be forthcoming. The process will be regularly reviewed this fall in order to ensure the identification of highly capable kindergarten students this school year. In addition, the highly capable program teacher at each school will provide resources and guidance to teachers as needed.
  • Second Grade Universal TestingCurrently, universal testing of all second grade students for the Highly Capable Program is scheduled to proceed as normal. Each year all second grade students are given a full battery of tests beginning in January. Should adjustments be necessary to this plan, they may include delayed testing dates, implementation of a referral process and/or alternative screening measures.
  • New Student Referral ProcessThis process will remain the same. Students new to the district (after the referral window closes on September 15) are welcome to submit a Highly Capable Program referral form. All referrals will be screened and if appropriate tested before the start of the following school year.


Other Program UpdatesAll teachers in the Highly Capable program will be teaching remotely at the beginning of the school year. They will follow all procedures designed and agreed to by the District and the teacher’s union. They have been planning and learning this summer and are eager to get back to work with the students and families. Note that the delivery model may vary during remote learning.