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Part of the Regular Schedule

The outside credit limit is four credits for grades 9-12 with a maximum of two credits taken in one school year.

ALL Students will participate in an in-person orientation at the start of the course.

Families are responsible for determining if the course meets NCAA and college admissions requirements. Not all courses are NCAA approved. More information on NCAA eligibility.

  • Who? 

    • Students in grades 7-12 interested in a course that is not offered at their school, does not fit in their schedule or is approved by the principal for good cause.
    • For grade improvement in core subject courses, up to 4 semesters may be taken for grade improvement purposes (see your school specific Student Handbook).
  • When?

    • High School Students are eligible to schedule an online course as part their regular school schedule--as one of their 7 (IHS & SHS) or 8 (LHS) class periods.

  •  What?

    • Students can choose from courses approved by OSPI and Issaquah School District.  To view these courses, click here to access the Course Lists webpage.

    • Cost: No cost to families for tuition when the course is taken as part of a student’s regular schedule, no matter if they remain on or off campus. If a course requires a textbook or materials that are not available at the school, it is the student's responsibility to acquire the item(s).

    • Grade: Students receive the actual course grade earned (A-F) on their Issaquah School District transcript. Letter grades are granted as given by the provider and may be different than the Issaquah School District grading scale.

    • Issaquah School District drop policy for Online learning is the same as the policy for the standard classroom. 
  •  Where? 

    • Please talk with your counselor regarding whether taking a class on or off campus is the best option for you. High School students must declare before class starts whether they will complete their online learning off campus or stay on campus—it cannot vary day to day. Middle School students must plan to complete online course work off campus due to limited supervision resources.
    • On Campus
      • Students requesting an online course as part of their regular schedule to retrieve credit for a previously failed class will be scheduled on campus daily with a mentor for the online course.
      • The district will provide a setting during the school day in which the student may connect to a course to the extent that resources are available.
      • An online learning mentor is available during the class period to ensure the student is connecting to the coursework and is making satisfactory progress.
      • Students will take all unit tests in-person during their on campus class period.
    • Off Campus
      • Students may not be on school property during their off campus class time. 
      • Students are required to have weekly communication with their building mentor.  Failure to do so will result in the student being placed on campus daily for their online course. 
      • Students will take all unit tests in-person during proctored sessions. The proctored sessions will be at Issaquah, Liberty and Skyline high schools and the schedule will be communicated to the students at the orientation.
      • If a student is not progressing satisfactorily in an off campus online class, the first intervention will be to move them to an on campus setting. 
      • Middle School students must plan to complete online course work off campus due to limited supervision resources. A parent/guardian must sign the student in if they arrive late or sign out if the student leaves early.
  • How?