Online Learning

ISD Online Learning:

Since 2012, Online Learning has served students in grades 7-12 who reside in Issaquah School District. We provide students with an opportunity to take high school level courses online. The flexibility of our Online Learning program empowers students to take control of their learning in an asynchronous (self-directed) environment. To help facilitate the learning process and provide support, students are assigned to a Washington state certified teacher and an ISD mentor, while also having access to online tutors and their ISD counselor. Students can take 1-2 semester long online learning courses each semester, with a maximum of 4 total online learning courses (8 credits) during their high school career. Please reach out to us and/or explore our site if you are interested in ISD Online Learning! 

ISD Remote Learning:

Due to Covid, ISD will start the 2020-2021 school year in a fully remote synchronous (virtually present) learning environment. Students follow a consistent school day schedule, attend class and teachers take attendance, and receive live instruction of essential learnings. To learn more, please visit:

Students can take an ISD Online Learning course (s) within or in addition to their ISD Remote Learning High School/Middle School schedule.

Contact Information

Stephanie Grayson
Online Learning Coordinator
425-298-5544 (Google Voice number during COVID closure)

Katie Smith
Online Learning TOSA
‪971-800-1369‬ (Google Voice number during COVID closure)

Lingo Lee
Online Learning Registrar